I made my own website from scratch, without any knowledge of coding, designing, SEO, or User experience. WIX made it so easy for me with a simple drag and drop and thousands of ready-made strips, forms, and templates to choose from.


As a Yoga teacher, I don't know much about marketing, SEO, or such. I just choose WIX Premium for Businesses to set myself free from all the headaches. WIX includes online store, booking system, booking app, credit card paying system connected to Stripe - a very trustworthy, low % payment platform, newsletter, search engine optimization (SEO), and so so many other features that I haven't discovered all myself.


Trust me, if you want a website or a booking system for your fitness / Yoga business or just any business that needs a booking system, the amount of money you pay for a booking app like MindBody per month is equivalent to what you pay WIX to host your fully-featured website AND booking system for A YEAR


WIX is so much easier to use than any platform I have tried. WordPress is cheaper, but I really don't have time to learn how it works. WIX hosts and presents your website for you, and even give you ONE FREE YEAR for your domain. WIX is THE ONLY website builder that allows you to build a website for FREE.


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